Trying Sakara Life


The Story

For the lazy “chefs” like me who survive off pasta, sweetgreen bowls, and lots of snacks, Sakara is a gleaming ray of organic, fresh, beet-colored goodness. Sakara was founded on the belief that eating plant-based, nutrient-dense food should be freeing and sexy, not restrictive and boring. The inspiring ladies behind the company were sick (figuratively and literally) of putting their own health on the backburner, and started Sakara to help themselves and others heal with food.

I have been following this company since I was a just curious college freshman experimenting with forays into chia pudding, sweet potato fries, and chickpeas, and Sakara was that shiny, popular senior that ate things like Matcha Udon Bowls with Yuzu Vinaigrette, Red Beet Burgers, and Toasted Coconut Granola with Goddess Milk.

I aspired to eat The Sakara Way, but alas my school was outside the delivery zone and it was not meant to be. I watched you graduate and win over nutritionists, supermodels, and celebrities alike. And even though you were out of sight, you never left my mind. I watched you expand and share your sexy, nourishing, plant-based mission with the rest of the world as I continued my studies in school and in life.

So as I sit here today, eagerly awaiting my first-ever Sakara delivery two months after my own graduation, it all feels a bit serendipitous as our different but not parallel paths finally cross; one day before my birthday, no less! I’ve already memorized the website and read so many reviews about Sakara that it feels almost surreal to finally try it for myself...the freshman in me is jumping for joy.

So bring on the beauty water, detox tea, and high quality food. I am ready to drink flowers, crunch on kale, feel like a supermodel, and give you my honest review of Sakara Life.

PS: Promo code available for you at the end of this post! xoxo


the logistics

Rating system: 1-5, with 5 being the highest.

Customer Service: 5

  • I worked with Erica to schedule my delivery, and she was such a sweetheart. She answered all of my questions and we had a great’s apparent that she is passionate about the brand and their mission! 

The Delivery: 5

  • I ordered my day of Sakara for Wednesday, March 14th (before the commencement of birthday shenanigans) and received my delivery on Tuesday night (the 13th). Sakara programs start on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and food is delivered on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights, respectively. Sakara does not deliver on weekends, because weekends are for chocolate and brunching (;

  • You can choose a two-hour delivery slot (I picked 7-9pm) for your meals to be dropped off. My food was dropped off at 8:20, right on schedule! I unpacked and placed everything in my fridge. 

The Food


8:50AM | Beauty Water: 5/5

  • I had read mixed reviews of the beauty water online, but personally really enjoyed it! It smelled like fresh roses and tasted like regular, purified water to me. Very refreshing and made my morning a bit more opposed to my regular "get up, toss breakfast in bag, and rush out" morning routine.

9AM | Chlorella Cake: 4/5

Mmmm...algae cake? I was very curious what this “cake” would taste like, and was pleasantly surprised.

  • Components: Cake, chocolate sauce, blueberries
  • Appearance: This cake won’t be winning any beauty competitions, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?
  • Taste: Like a healthy brownie! You know those healthy desserts that use applesauce in place of oil? Add some green powder and you have this chlorella brownie.
  • Texture: Chewy, a bit dry and grainy. The sauce was delicious, however, and added some much needed moisture!
  • Satiety: Hefty portion that kept me full until lunch!

12:45PM | Forbidden Rice + Tatsoi Bowl: 4/5

What is tatsoi you ask? It’s a mixed green and kind of tastes like spinach! I was honestly dreading this salad...because even though I love forbidden rice, I am NOT a fan of raw sugar snap peas, scallions, or spinach-like greens. However, the dressing was delicious and saved the day, and I ate every bite!

  • Components: Tatsoi, rice, zucchini, cashews, carrot-sesame dressing
  • Appearance: Looks like your standard salad! The picture doesn’t do it justice but it’s a really nice sized portion of greens and rice.
  • Taste: Very light and fresh. I loved the dressing - it was light, zingy, and super flavorful but not oily. It brought together all the elements of the dish.  
  • Texture: Crunchy, crispy, chewy!  
  • Satiety: I could’ve used some more rice and cashews, but I was satisfied afterwards without feeling stuffed. I think the idea is to fuel your body with clean food that also doesn’t use too much energy for digestion. Sakara is definitely not unbutton-your-pants-after-a-meal type of food, which let’s admit it, is a great feeling.

5:00PM | Mama’s Earth Harvest Bowl with Sauerkraut: 5/5

WOW. I was super impressed with dinner. I can't really tell you what the individual elements of the bowl tasted like, but they worked in absolute harmony together. I was very skeptical of the super thick and grainy dressing (caraway cream), but it all just worked. It was a bit weird to eat cold food for every meal, but Sakara does include warming instructions if you want to heat up your meal! 

  • Components: Ummm...a lot!! Brussels, kale, cabbage, apples, brown rice, sauerkraut, more veggies, and caraway cream.
  • Appearance: Beautifully colorful! I loved the look of this dish. 
  • Taste: I don't know how to explain it! Lots of different textures and flavors that worked very well together. Obviously a well thought-out dish. Not heavy at all.  
  • Texture: A little bit of everything!  
  • Satiety: As with lunch, I felt good afterwards but would've loved some more carbs...I usually eat 2-3x the portion of grains that Sakara provides (I love me some rice and pasta!). This would be an easy fix, were I to continue the Sakara program long term. I would just bulk up the meals with grains if necessary. 

the verdict

Food: 4/5

The food is amazing for what it is - fresh, clean, whole, organic food. Sakara really goes the extra mile in putting care into each component on your plate. Veggies are marinated, sauces are flavorful, and the mix of textures will keep you guessing. You will definitely feel healthy on Sakara and your taste buds will quickly reset to appreciate food in its most natural form. Sakara is also a fantastic way to expand your taste buds and palate, especially if you are a picky eater like me.

Convenience: 5/5

Unparalleled. Perfectly portioned, nutritionally-balanced meals delivered straight to your door 2 or 3 times per week, depending on your plan. I didn't have to think about grocery shopping or cooking, what I was going to eat, or whether I was covering my nutritional bases. Sakara makes it SO EASY. If you struggle with portion control, are terrible at remembering to meal prep, or rely on seamless for your food, Sakara will definitely make your life easier. You will see results from consistently eating on this program...there's a reason celebrities, models, and nutritionists love it. 

Cost: 2/5

It's expensive, but Sakara is like having your own personal chef for a week - someone who does all the planning, buying, cooking, and prepping of all of your meals for you! But more  importantly, the program is designed for results, and it works. Personally, if I'm going to spend money, I'd rather spend a bit more and get real results than continue to waste money trying things that don't work. If you are serious about achieving your goals, and are sick of trying things that don't work, give this program a shot! 

A 3 day plan is $239 ($80 a day), and a 5 day plan is $349 ($70 a day). Don’t worry, I have a 15% off code below if you want to try it for yourself! Sakara also offers discounts if you subscribe to weekly deliveries.

I am a recent college grad so it's a bit unrealistic for me to commit to this program long term, but hopefully someday soon!! However, I do highly recommend trying this program for a week to:

  1. Kickstart a new weight loss or workout plan.
  2. Retrain your taste buds and set you up for success (kind of like my ebooks, but fancier and delivered straight to you!) long term.
  3. Prepare for an event or vacation! Sakara will no doubt have you looking trim and radiant for your big day. 
  4. Branch out and try delicious new plant-based foods. On my one day of Sakara I ate a greater variety of vegetables than I have in the past month...which is sad on my part BUT just goes to show you the abundance of ingredients and nutrients that are jam-packed into these meals. 

The Promise: 5/5

Sakara will 100% change your body. You will feel nourished, energized, radiant, and strong. It will force you to rethink everything you know about food and nutrition, and gift you with a renewed sense of willpower and purpose. 

Intrigued? Explore Sakara's website and plans for yourself, and use my code below at checkout to get 15% off any meal plan!

What are your thoughts on Sakara?

xoxo, Jenny